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Lawn Care Tips

4 Common Misconceptions About Lawn Treatments

Posted by Jeff Williams

Sep 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM

4 Common Misconceptions About Lawn TreatmentsOver the course of 30 years providing Pensacola lawn care services for both residential and commercial lawns, we’ve come across a number of interesting misconceptions people have about how to properly care for their lawns.

One of the most common areas of confusion for homeowners has to do with lawn treatments: how they work, what works best, and what schedule makes the most sense.

Below are some of the most common misconceptions we have helped clear up regarding lawn treatments over the years:

1. The more you use, the better it works

Many homeowners will purchase a supply of fertilizer and apply it to their lawn, and are pleased if they see the color deepen and the grass grow healthier as a result. Sometimes they reason, “That worked well. If I do it again, it’s going to look even better.”

But, that’s simply not how fertilizer works. Most of these products are powerful and potentially damaging to the grass, which is why they have such detailed instructions regarding how much to use, how often, and how to carry out proper application.

Although the right amount and type of fertilizer can perk up and beautify your lawn, overdoing it could end up harming your grass.

2. Less is more

On the opposite end of the spectrum are those homeowners who believe the key to a beautiful, healthy lawn is zero chemical intervention, or using as little as possible.

In some cases, they come to this conclusion for financial reasons, feeling that the cost of treatments is unwarranted. In other cases, it’s based on misconceptions about the ecological impact of lawn treatments.

While it’s possible to allow nature to take its course in your lawn, without appropriate weed and pest control along with fertilization, the strength, appearance, and health of your lawn can be compromised.

3. Lawn treatments always harm the environment

Chemical lawn treatments have received a lot of bad press over the years, leading to common misconceptions. The thought being that lawn treatments are guaranteed to pollute the air and water, and potentially harm pets or family members enjoying the lawn.

As with any chemical treatment, lawn treatments have the potential to become dangerous when stored incorrectly, applied improperly, or otherwise misused.

However, when professionally trained and experienced lawn care technicians apply lawn treatments, the right way, in the right amount, and at the right time, they can manage the potential negative impacts.

4. “Natural” or “organic” means better and safer

As in many other industries, manufacturers and distributors in the lawn care treatment space market “natural” and “organic” labels in an effort to appeal to consumers.

While there’s nothing at all wrong with seeking out products that you feel comfortable using on your lawn, it’s important to remember that any reputable lawn care partner has your lawn’s best interest in mind, while considering environmental impacts. For example, our Pensacola lawn care company uses professional grade products exactly in line with the label instructions and industry best practices for the most safe and effective application.

If you’d like a professional to evaluate your lawn, click the link below or contact us today to go over your questions and lawn care options.

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