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Lawn Care Tips

4 Fast Fertilizing Tips Vital to Pensacola Lawn Care

Posted by Pete Blackman

May 11, 2016 10:00:00 AM

While there are a few basic best practices thatfertilizer-grass.jpg apply to lawn care in general, much of what lawn care professionals do is very specific to the area in which they work.

For example, if any of the skilled professionals on our team at Lawn Master suddenly moved to Australia or Canada, it would time them time to understand the the geography, weather trends, soil characteristics, grass types and more.

Ultimately lawn care is a form of ecological maintenance, so it’s highly specialized to the unique climatic and environmental conditions affecting the area where it’s being performed. And those conditions may not be perfectly duplicated in any other region.

Case in point: fertilizing.

There are aspects of fertilizing here in Northwest Florida that are unique to this area. Understanding how to most effectively fertilize the lawns in and around Pensacola rather than relying on one-size-fits-all rules is a sign of an experienced Pensacola lawn care company.

Here are four fast fertilizing tips for your Pensacola-area lawn:

1) Identify your grass type and fertilize accordingly.

In Northwest Florida, a few different types of grass are prevalent, making up the vast majority of residential and commercial lawns:

Because of their differing levels of strength, preferred climatic conditions, and other unique factors, each grass type requires a specific fertilizer and application schedule to get the most out of the process.

2) Follow the instructions closely.

Like any lawn care product, fertilizers can negatively affect you, the environment, and your lawn if not applied properly.

If you decide to apply fertilizer on your own, be sure to read the application instructions carefully and follow them exactly. There are likely detailed instructions involving safe storage of the fertilizer as well, which can be equally important.

The time of day, time of year, temperature, and other seasonal factors all play a role in how effective your fertilizing efforts will be, so it’s important to plan efforts around the most appropriate scheduling for your grass type and recent weather conditions.

3) Understand the differences between types of fertilizer.

While all plants need nitrogen and other nutrients provided by nearly all fertilizers, there are a lot of variations in the relative mixture of these ingredients in different fertilizer brands and types.

For example, a fertilizer designed specifically for vegetable gardens may provide far too much or not enough of one nutrient for your turfgrass.

4) Get professional lawn care help as needed.

Proper fertilization can require attention to detail, experience and patience. While some homeowners choose to take on fertilizing themselves, it can be a challenge, especially for those balancing a busy schedule and facing a difficult time committing to the necessary steps.

A professional Pensacola lawn care company that is familiar with the fertilizing needs of your particular region and is dedicated to ensuring optimal application for your unique lawn’s conditions is in the best option to get the most out of the process.

For more great resources to help you get the most out of your Northwest Florida lawn, subscribe to our Lawn Tips blog and contact us with any questions. 

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