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Lawn Care Tips

4 Indications It's Time to Switch to a Professional Lawn Maintenance Service

Posted by Jeff Wells

Oct 15, 2014 9:00:00 AM

lawn_careTaking care of your lawn is a labor of love.

After a while though, the labor aspect might overshadow the love, and taking care of your lawn becomes a difficult, time-consuming chore.  Sometimes, people who've been mowing and caring for their own lawn for years have a difficult time noticing when that line gets crossed.

To better identify lawn issues, we have compiled four common indications you no longer love your lawn as much as you once did, and maybe it's time to switch to a professional lawn maintenance service. 

1) Your lawn resembles an African savannah.

If you've ever watched a Discovery Channel special on the African grasslands, you'll recognize it: Pale green and brown grass, about three or four feet high, swaying in the breeze for as far as the eye can see. 

It’s time to evaluate: how long has it been since you mowed last?  What kind of condition is your soil in?  What about fertilizing and watering? Without an ongoing schedule of routine lawn maintenance, your lawn is definitely in need of recovery.

2) Weeds outnumber the grass 2:1.

Weed prevention is not easy. It's not fun, and it's not something you can easily catch up on. It's essentially a year-round war that has to be waged strategically using the right weapons and the right tactics if it's going to be successful. 

If it looks like you’re fighting a losing battle controlling weeds, it's probably wise to call in the experts.

3) You really thought yellow and brown made for a nice color combination.

There are a number of reasons why your grass may turn yellow or brown. It could have to do with the amount of water it's getting (or not getting), the pH level of the soil, the type of grass it is, the time of year, or a dozen other factors.

But one thing that's always true about yellow or brown grass: it's not attractive, and it doesn't belong in your lawn.

If you have a beautiful green lawn that's spotted with random patches of brown, there could be disease or pests at work. If your entire lawn is fading to yellow or brown while the neighbors' lawns are still gorgeous, it's probably a soil maintenance issue.

To get a handle on discolored grass, it’s time to look into professional help.

4) The spiders are complaining that they can't keep up.

Have you noticed a huge spike in the number bugs in and around your house, in your lawn, and in your gardens?  You may notice those ugly yellow or brown patches in your lawn, or damage to ornamental shrubs or flowers caused by pests.

Insect management can be frustrating because there are so many potential culprits, and so many ways to go about taking care of them. But you don't want to be indiscriminately spraying pesticides all over your lawn and landscaping where your kids and pets are going to playing.

If you're seeing signs of extensive bugs in your lawn, it's a good sign you should get a hold of a professional lawn maintenance company.

In all these cases, we know what you really want is a lush, green, healthy lawn that you and your family can enjoy. So, why not let us handle the labor part and you just concentrate on the love.  Request a free lawn evaluation and let's work together to make your lawn as beautiful and healthy as it can be.

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