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Lawn Care Tips

5 Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for the Fall in Northwest Florida

Posted by Jeff Williams

Sep 12, 2014 4:40:55 PM

lawnfallWith Labor Day behind us, now is the time to start preparing your lawn for cooler weather.

In Northwest Florida, temperatures can remain warm through September and October, but when they drop, it’s important to make sure your lawn is prepared.

With less sunlight and cooler temperatures, slower-growing lawns need a different type of attention when the seasons change. Here are five ways to prepare your Gulf Coast lawn for fall.

1. Slow down on fertilizing

During the fall, avoid application of high nitrogen fertilizer. This could encourage excessively tender grass that would result in winter damage. Instead, allow the grass to gradually go dormant. 

2. Continue to water in moderation

As the weather gets gradually colder, extensive watering won’t be as necessary as it is during hot, dry summers. However, your lawn should still be moist (not saturated) as we experience cooler weather.

3. Transplant trees and shrubs

Take advantage of the cooler seasons to transplant trees and shrubs. Because the temperature is milder, there is a longer timeframe for tree roots to get established.

4. Shield your lawn

Pensacola lawn maintenance companies like Lawn Master often apply a “winterizer” treatment in the fall to grow the root system and restore carbs to sustain through the possibility of a wet, harsh winter. The "winterizer" acts as an anti-freeze for turfgrass.

5. Remove leaves from yard

Letting leaves remain on your lawn may smother the grass, so it’s best to discard them in the fall. Remember to rake or blow leaves when they are dry to avoid working with heavy and slippery leaves.

Whether you need help with maintaining a healthy lawn or tips on weed and pest control services, our Pensacola lawn care company has the information and tools needed to care for your lawn year-round.  

Lawn Master's Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Guide


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