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Lawn Care Tips

How Does Pre-emergent Weed Control Work?

Posted by Andy Williams

Oct 5, 2017 10:33:00 AM

DollarweedsIn most cases, it’s impossible to solve a problem before you can even see what it is. But, in the case of weed control in Pensacola, Florida, that’s not true. In fact, you’re much better off attacking weeds with a pre-emptive strike before they even have a chance to sprout.

And that’s what pre-emergent herbicides are made for.

Warm weather weeds are opportunistic

While your lawn goes dormant during the cold winter months, most warm weather weeds do the same thing. You likely won’t even see them anymore, because all they’ve left behind is their roots or seeds in the soil. But that doesn’t mean they’re actually gone.

They are still very much alive and silently waiting for soil temperatures to rise enough for them to germinate and grow. The key information for homeowners to keep in mind is that once they begin growing, they’re much harder to stop.

Pre-emergent herbicides are your best weapon

Maintaining a healthy lawn is always going to be the best defense against weeds, but if weeds already have a foothold in your lawn, that’s not necessarily going to be effective. Sometimes you have to use specialized tools to treat a specific issue.

Pre-emergent herbicides prevent certain weed species from properly germinating in the soil, therefore preventing them from growing as the soil warms up. They can come in the form of spray liquids, oils, or granules, and various types require various application techniques.

Don’t think you have to take on weeds alone

These are powerful products, so the safest way to use them is to trust your Pensacola lawn care company to handle it for you. If you choose to do it yourself, it's vital that you follow all package instructions closely to avoid issues.

Additionally, battling weeds effectively requires a lot of work that has to happen in a relatively short amount of time, so many people choose to hire an affordable lawn care company to take on their warm weather weeds, knowing it’s saving them plenty of time and effort.

Another benefit of working with a lawn maintenance service is that they can keep a professional eye on your lawn throughout the early spring and beginning of the growing season when weeds are struggling for survival. And the battle doesn’t end there. Weed control is a full-season project.

Getting professional help also provides peace of mind and relieves the stress of battling weeds and caring for your lawn on your own. To learn more about the War on Weeds taking place in your lawn, download our guide below or request a free lawn evaluation.

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