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Lawn Care Tips

Managing Acres of Property? Find Out How to Care for Large Lawns

Posted by Pete Blackman

Mar 4, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Managing Acres of Property? Find Out How to Care for Large LawnsWhether you're looking at your home landscaping or the area surrounding your business, a beautiful lawn and landscape adds both aesthetic and financial value to your property. But, there's always a trade off because a beautiful lawn requires time and effort. The bigger it is, the larger the investment.

If your property includes anything more than a half acre of lawn, there are some best practices you can use to save time and effort in caring for your little piece of paradise.

Pre-planning the landscape

One of the best options, assuming you own the land or have the freedom to do so, is to dedicate a portion of the space for landscaping elements other than grass:

  • Create borders and “rooms” throughout your lawn using hedges, shrubs, or flowering plants.

  • Section off portions of the lawn to be flower, ornamental, or vegetable gardens and separate them from the grass using stone and wood barriers or raised beds.

  • Create patio sections to provide room for outdoor dining, a fire pit, a shady reading spot, fountain, rock garden, or decorative pond.

  • Include walkways connecting various sections of the lawn, if appropriate.

  • If you have a playground, tire swing, or other area that you know will get a lot of foot traffic, consider removing the turf from that area and installing a sandbox-style section or cedar chip bed to surround it.

Not only do these options offer beautiful and diverse surroundings, but they cut down dramatically on the total amount of mowing, watering, and fertilizing your lawn requires. Of course, there will be some maintenance required for the gardens and hedges, so keep that in mind.

Learn more about caring for your large lawn with a free assessment. 

Mow properly, with the right equipment

Of course, you don't want to get rid of all your grass, otherwise why would you have chosen a large lawn to begin with? To avoid wasting time mowing the grass, and to end up with a healthier lawn, here are some tips for mowing large lawns:

  • Invest in a heavy-duty riding mower. While it costs far more than a bottom-of-the-line standard rider, a commercial zero-turn mower will be faster, more accurate, more reliable, and longer lasting than its cheaper cousins. You will especially appreciate it if you're going to be using it several hours a week.

  • Set your deck to around 3 inches. If you cut grass too short, you can stress the grass and potentially weaken it, making it look unhealthy. However, if you let it grow too long between mowings, you can shock your grass, causing similar problems. Get more tips on the right grass height for your lawn. 

  • Instead of bagging, equip your mower to effectively mulch the grass clippings. Not only will this save you time since you no longer have to empty the bag every few minutes, but it also provides valuable nutrients for the lawn that can cut down on extra fertilization.

By following these tips, you can give yourself time to enjoy your big lawn too.

Get professional help

The easiest and most convenient way to really enjoy your large lawn is to let a residential or commercial lawn care services professional handle the continual maintenance for you. That way, you're guaranteed routine maintenance and care for your acreage. 

A leader in local Pensacola lawn care based Lawn Master has been offering both residential and commercial lawn care services for over thirty years. We love large lawns, and we're here to make yours look fantastic.

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