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Lawn Care Tips

Save Countless Hours and Tons of Effort with These Lawn Care Hacks

Posted by Andy Williams

Jan 10, 2018 9:40:00 AM

Few feelings can compare to the sense of satisfaction that comes with completing a job well done. Of course, if you know you’ve managed to complete that job faster and more easily because you worked smarter and not harder, it feels even better.

If you care about how your Pensacola-area lawn looks, and you maintain it yourself, there’s no doubt you spend a lot of time and energy doing so. Imagine if you could reap the same benefits — a vibrant, healthy lawn and the envy of your neighbors — with less work, and while enjoying more free time to do other things?

Lawn care hacks that can help you save time and money

Here are five lawn care hacks guaranteed to save you lots of time and effort while helping keep your northern Florida lawn in top shape:

  1. Use cooking spray on your mower blade - Non-stick cooking spray, applied liberally to your lawn mower blade prior to each use, will keep grass clippings from sticking to the blade and underside of the mower. This means a faster, cleaner cut, and less cleanup work afterward.
  2. Use pinecones for mulch - If you’re having any kind of issue with neighborhood cats or other animals digging in your garden or around shrubs, consider breaking up pinecones into pieces and using that as mulch around the plants. It looks very similar to cedar chips and other similar mulches, but it’s uncomfortable for bare paws to walk on or dig through. Voila! No more cleanup needed in the garden!
  3. Put your coffee grounds in the garden - While this isn’t going to take the place of all necessary fertilizer or pest control for your lawn, it’s so cheap and easy, it’s silly not to do it: Every morning, sprinkle your used coffee grounds around your plants in a flower or vegetable garden, or around shrubs. Not only is it a natural fertilizer, it’s also a natural pest repellant. Apparently, they don’t like the smell of coffee as much as we do.
  4. Build an automatic waterer - For situations when the automatic sprinkler can’t reach or certain plants need more water than others, don’t waste time and effort trying to remember to water them regularly. Just take an empty wine bottle or juice jug, fill it with water, and stick it into the soil next to the plant you want to water. The soil will only take in what it can, so it will always have plenty of water, but won’t flood the plant.
  5. Get professional help - Of course, the easiest and fastest way to enjoy a beautiful lawn is to let a professional lawn care company take care of it for you! Compared to the hours of labor it saves you — on top of guaranteed quality results — you can’t beat a professional lawn care service.

If you’d like to see how much time and energy Pensacola’s leading lawn care company can save you by initiating tip #5, contact Lawn Master today. But, even if you’re still a diehard do-it-yourselfer, enjoy using the other four tips above, and let us know of any others you’ve discovered that work for you!

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