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Putting Off Spring Cleaning for Your Pensacola Commercial Property? We’ve Got You Covered.

Posted by Andy Williams

Apr 23, 2018 12:09:21 PM

Putting off spring cleaning for your pensacola commercial property_we've got you covered.

Just like you probably do at home, you should mark your calendars at work for an annual spring cleaning session, too. Being proactive with maintenance, cleaning, and repairs on your commercial property can help save you some serious time, money, and stress. A thorough spring cleaning can help prevent future damage, ensure safety, and make your customers more comfortable, so they keep coming back.

Here are some tips and know-how to keep your business grounds in peak condition. And with our simple checklist, you’ll have no excuse to put off spring cleaning for your Pensacola property.

Building Exterior and Roofing

Harsh wind, rain, and debris that come with Florida’s unpredictable climate can wreak havoc on your building. Springtime is a great opportunity to inspect the facility’s roof and exterior to make sure it’s still in good repair and safe. Then, give it a thorough cleaning to keep your building looking pristine. It’s also the perfect time to touch up siding, trim, and windows.

Check for chipped paint, damaged siding, cracks in the foundation, and any sign mold or mildew. If any spot on your roof seems particularly worn or weak, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you address the problem before it becomes an issue for your customers. Your exterior inspection is also a great time to tackle parking lot sweeping and powerwashing, repaint any worn parking lines, and repair cracked cement.


Whether you’re finally redesigning the walkway garden or reshaping existing foliage, taking care of your property landscaping is important to make that great first impression. We recommend removing broken tree limbs, spraying for weeds, and trimming overgrowth.

It’s incredibly important to keep customer safety in mind as the Florida hurricane season officially starts on June 1st, and any weak branches or trunks could quickly become safety hazards. Thoroughly inspect your grounds and assess tree health to safely remove potential dangers.

Of course, spring cleaning is about aesthetics, too. Prune back plants to prepare for blossoms and summer growth, replace any perennials, and re-mulch plant beds to prevent weed growth and keep plants healthy. If you haven’t done so already, commit to an appropriate mowing, fertilizing and irrigation schedule for your lawn’s particular grass type and sun/shade circumstances. If you need professional help to handle all these moving parts, contact Lawn Master and we’ll be delighted to assist.

Mechanical & Other Commercial Systems

Test and inspect all your systems to ensure everything is functioning properly. We recommend hiring a professional to check your HVAC systems, especially to guarantee your air conditioning is working through the hottest summer months. Nothing will deter customers more than hotter-than-the-outdoors temperatures in your business.

We also recommend checking your sprinklers, water heaters, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarms, and electrical systems, and any other commercial systems that are critical to patron safety and comfort, and your overall business performance. If your business relies on centralized building automation and analytics to control and monitor these mechanical systems, consider checking for needed updates, security patches, and any other routine maintenance the hardware or software may need.

Interior Cleaning

While the outside of your commercial property needs to be clean, safe, and inviting to attract customers, all of that’s of no value if they walk in to find an uncomfortable mess.

Many businesses find it’s best to tackle spring cleaning from the inside out because the work needed inside is usually less time-consuming and labor intensive. After all, maintaining a relatively clean and comfortable facility should just be part of your normal operating procedure. And, that sort of regular cleaning and maintenance is important, but sometimes it’s not enough.

Take the time this spring to really cast a critical eye on your facility’s interior condition. Little imperfections that you’ve grown used to may jump out at a customer and make a negative impression. Even if it means taking a few days to close down, bring in professional help, and get to deep cleaning and repair, your customers will thank you.

When spring rolls around, enlist backup from your maintenance team or hire local pros to wash your windows and dust those hard-to-reach places like ceiling banisters and light fixtures. Dry clean furniture covers or arrange furniture repairs and cleanings, change dimming or blown light bulbs, and inspect every room for general wear and tear.

Don’t overlook the bathrooms or other areas where customers may only visit rarely. Sanitation is the first step to building safety, so take some time to tackle those tough cleaning projects like scrubbing tile grout, resealing hardwood floors or shampooing carpets.

Spring into Better Business

A clean commercial property means happier customers and better business. We know these projects can feel daunting and get costly, but setting aside time and taking on multiple spring cleaning projects simultaneously can make spring cleaning a breeze. When you take preventative and consistent measures to maintain your commercial property, you’ll see a better long-term return on investment, and keep your customers and residents coming back year after year.

And, again, there’s no shame in bringing in professional help to lighten the load and ensure you’re getting the very best results for your investment. At Lawn Master, we’ve been helping local Pensacola businesses keep their commercial properties safe and beautiful for nearly four decades now. We’d love to help you do the same.

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