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Lawn Care Tips

Warm Weather Weeds Won’t Wait: How to Plan for Lawn Care in Pensacola

Posted by Jeff Wells

May 3, 2017 11:00:00 AM

How to Plan Ahead for Lawn Care in Pensacola

If there’s one thing we all experience from time to time, it’s the feeling that time flies. And it’s not just when you’re having fun. It’s the time in between, too.

When we get a few minutes to sit back and relax, we may suddenly realize days, weeks, or even months have flown by while we’ve been caught up in our busy schedules. All too often, that realization brings with it a laundry list of things we would have, should have, and could have done, if only we had more time.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution to the busyness of modern life. But, there’s no arguing the fact that putting a little time into planning ahead can mitigate some of the complications that our hectic schedules cause. Take the task of keeping up your lawn care, for example. With a strategy in place, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming endeavor.  

Planning ahead for lawn care in Pensacola

Over the course of a hectic summer, it’s easy to accidentally let your lawn go without the best care. But, if you do, you’ll realize somewhere around July that your grass is suffering and warm weather weeds have taken over.

To avoid this unfortunate outcome, take just a few minutes to plan ahead now and make sure your Pensacola lawn is well prepared for the coming growing season, ready to stand up to weeds, pests, disease, and whatever else Mother Nature (and your unpredictable schedule) can create.

Use the following simple checklist to make sure you’ve considered all the necessary possibilities and requirements for the current growing season. And, as always, contact our trusted lawn maintenance company in Pensacola if you need any help.

The Late Spring Lawn Care Checklist

  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide to ward off warm weather weeds (NOTE: Don’t delay, if you already see weeds sprouting, it’s too late to take this step!)
  • Check the existing thatch layer and dethatch if needed (Pests love a thick, cozy layer of thatch to snuggle down into.)
  • Check your lawn for signs of soil compaction and aerate if needed (Aeration promotes the healthiest turfgrass, and a thick, healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds, pests, and disease.)
  • Set a mowing schedule, but keep it flexible (Your mowing schedule needs to accommodate fluctuations in the speed of growth to avoid shocking the grass by cutting too much off at once.)
  • Set a watering schedule, but keep that flexible too (Automated irrigation systems make it easy to overwater your lawn, especially if we’re getting plenty of rain. That creates perfect conditions for pests and disease.)
  • Set a fertilizing schedule, and err on the side of too little (Over-fertilizing is one of the most common mistakes homeowners in our area make when it comes to DIY lawn care. Get professional help if you’re not 100% certain how to properly fertilize.)
  • Get familiar with the most common lawn pests in our area and how to tell if they’ve made your lawn their new home (The earlier you can catch an infestation, the faster and easier it will be to control it.)

Finally, don’t forget to make some plans to spend time enjoying your beautiful, healthy lawn this summer! Few things help you take a break from the hectic pace of daily life like a enjoying some fresh air. A backyard barbecue is a great opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor while showing off your lawn to the neighbors, too.

Take a few minutes now to run through the checklist above and be sure to contact Lawn Master if we can help you check a few items off this season.

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