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Lawn Care Tips

Your Pensacola Lawn Spring Cleaning Checklist

Posted by Jeff Williams

Mar 22, 2017 10:00:00 AM

spring-grass-flowers.jpgSpring is finally upon us! The weather is warming up, and it’s once again time to take the reins and start up your seasonal lawn care schedule as the new growing season is in effect.

Just like your lawn, you may have been lying dormant for a little while - at least as far as regular lawn care is concerned - but now is the time to wipe the seasonal sleep from your eyes and get moving. Don’t procrastinate at this point, because there are a number of things to begin if your lawn is going to remain healthy and vibrant this year.

To make things a bit easier, we’re supplying this convenient checklist you can use to make sure you’re handling all the necessary early spring activities for your lawn:

  • Work with your Pensacola lawn care company to apply pre-emergent herbicides
    • Proper type for specific weeds
    • Applied prior to germination
  • Pruning and trimming
    • Create a pruning plan based on each plant’s health and look
    • Trim during the window between full dormancy and first bud
  • Prepare your equipment
    • Lawn mower maintenance/repair
      • Tune-up
      • Oil change
      • Blade sharpening
    • Weed trimmer maintenance/repair
    • Leaf blower maintenance/repair
    • Hand tool maintenance/repair
      • Blade sharpening
    • Necessary supplies on hand
      • Fertilizer
      • Herbicide
      • Gloves/eye protection, etc.

For more details, read on:

Pre-emergent herbicide

One of the first and most important tasks you need to handle early in the spring is the application of pre-emergent herbicide to control warm weather weeds.

Pre-emergent herbicides prevent various pervasive weed species from effectively germinating in the soil. Although many warm weather weeds are present in your lawn throughout the winter, lying dormant just like your grass, they’re just waiting for soil temperatures to rise so they can wake up and almost immediately germinate and start growing.

The term “growing like a weed” exists because this process happens quickly. Weeds are aggressive. So the best chance you have of controlling weeds in your north Florida lawn is to refuse to allow them to get a foothold at the beginning of the growing season.

This is first on the list because it needs to happen early, before the soil temperature gets too warm. It’s also important to use the right kind of herbicide for the weeds your lawn is prone to, and to apply them correctly, according to the label instructions.

Another excellent option is to have a professional lawn care company handle pre-emergent application for you.


Understandably, you spend a lot of time concerned with your lawn, but if you have any sort of flowering plants, shrubs, bushes, or trees on your property, you don’t want to neglect their needs.

While pruning and trimming is necessary throughout the first half of the year, this is actually the best time to do the bulk of it: while the plants are still dormant, but soon before they begin budding and flowering later in the spring.

As the soil and air temperatures rise in the early spring, your shrubs and trees are “waking up” for the new year. They begin actively gathering nutrients, water, and energy from the sun in order to ramp up photosynthesis and get shoots, leaves, and flowers growing.

If your plants have branches that are unhealthy, damaged, broken, the best time for strategic pruning is before the plant wastes valuable time and resources energizing them for active growth.

By pruning your shrubs and trees in the early spring, you can ensure that once the growing season is really in full swing, every bit of effort the plant is putting into the process of growth is well spent.

It’s worth mentioning here that proper pruning is not always a quick or easy task. It takes planning, a thorough knowledge of the individual plant species you’re working with, and an eye for what’s going to look best once the plant is in full growth mode.

If you need professional help with your spring pruning efforts, contact our Pensacola lawn care pros.

Get your tools ready

Another excellent use of your time in the late winter and early spring is performing your annual maintenance on your lawn mower, weed trimmer, and other necessary lawn care tools and equipment.

If you’re taking proper care of your equipment throughout the year (keeping it clean, storing it where it can stay dry, maintaining it properly) this shouldn’t be a huge or difficult job. Of course, the less you maintain your tools and equipment throughout the year, the tougher it’s going to be to get them in working order in the spring.

It’s important to conduct a full check-up on your mower and make sure it’s functioning well. Change the oil if you didn’t do it at the end of the year, check the air filter, spark plug(s), and any other routine maintenance requirements for your specific machine.

A very important step is to make sure your blade is in excellent condition - both straight and sharp. If the blade is too dull, it’s still going to make your grass shorter, but it’s going to do it by breaking and tearing every blade rather than cutting it neatly. The result is a lot more stress and damage to the lawn than a sharp mower blade will cause. Also, if you’ve hit any rocks or other objects that may have bent or chipped the blade, it’s best to replace it before you start mowing again this year. A bent blade will not only cause the same kind of unnecessary stress to your grass, but it will likely result in an uneven cut, and it’s more likely to hit more objects if part of the blade is closer to the ground.

You’ll also want to make sure you have the various supplies on hand like gloves, eye protection, fertilizer or herbicide, and whatever you need to apply them properly.

For the health of your lawn - and to make your job easier and more satisfying in the long run - maintaining your equipment is key.

On the other hand, there’s no effort involved in having a team of lawn care professionals using their own expertly maintained equipment handle your lawn care this year. To learn more about how our team at Lawn Master can care for your lawn this spring, contact us today.

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