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Weed & Pest Control

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Weed Management Service

There is no such thing as a weed free lawn. Period. But, weed control is possible dependent on knowing and managing environmental conditions. At Lawn Master, we focus on weed prevention. A full healthy lawn is the best weed preventative. If the weed seed can’t penetrate the grass and soil, it can’t grow.

We practice weed control year round, using pre-emergent weed control in the spring to help with spring/summer weeds, and rotating seasonal treatments that are applicable for each time of the year and based on need.

Insect and Pest Management

Different insects can and will attack different types of grass. For example, a mole cricket eats all grass types, and a chinch bug prefers St. Augustine. We can determine your pest issues based on the damage and conditions and use the proper treatment to control those insects. Managing pests like fire ants and mole crickets keeps your family, children and pets safe and able to play on the lawn without worry.

Year round weed and insect control and fertilization creates a healthy lawn. Contact us today for a free lawn evaluation and create the lawn you’ve always wanted.